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The blogs are up and starting to look well. Can you please all check that your link is the correct one and that it’s working.

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Student Blogs

Dylan Sage

Daniel Mc Namara

Aaron Collier

Jason Flynn

Aidan Hart

Brian Mc Culloch

Dylan Watters

David Malone

Owen O Donoghue

Jason Derwin

Jason Maher

Stephen Ryan

AJ Politers

Brian Philips

Philip Kinsella

Jamie Downes

Declan Rafter

Laura Murphy

Ibe Gerald

Conor Smith

Timmy Coughlan

James Doyle

Danny Guiney

Jessica Gyan

Brendan Smith

Jason Maher

David Shepherd

Stephen Ryan

Jack Hinton

Bila Fwamba

Arthur Hovsepyan

Brian Clarke

Niall Harney

Stephen Duggan

Alhasan Jamal

Chris Hennessy


Badr Al dewech


Hi Everyone,


Welcome to the blog for Information Technology Systems year one BSc in Information Technology.

This is where i will be uploading all of your blogs.